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Hello and welcome to the Everything Podcast the most NON PC podcast of the PC ERA now streaming on all your favorite podcast services! On this podcast everything is up for discussion from Sports to Pop Culture, gaming and or politics nothing is off topic and nothing is taken too seriously. Please RATE and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this show! Love ya #TePheads 💋

July 19, 2017

Episode 27 of the Everything Podcast: Girls are not your Enemy, BRING OUR GIRLS HOME!

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN welcome to Episode 27 of the Everything Podcast and today's episode is a doozy. I hit you with the fuck shit early (Knicks, WWE,) then I give the FUCKING NERDS a stern talking to (DR WHO?) and finally I get into some real shit that needs to be addressed. (R KELLY) #BOYCOTTRKELLY Thank you for joining me today, this is the one man show known as The Everything Podcast. Please enjoy responsibly




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