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Hello and welcome to the Everything Podcast the most NON PC podcast of the PC ERA now streaming on all your favorite podcast services! On this podcast everything is up for discussion from Sports to Pop Culture, gaming and or politics nothing is off topic and nothing is taken too seriously. Please RATE and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this show! Love ya #TePheads 💋

July 28, 2017

Episode 28 of The Everything Podcast: SHAME ON YUH! #TrumpVoters #CONGRATULATIONSYOUPLAYEDYOURSELF

Well hello #tepheads. Better late then never right? Usually these drop on Wednesday but I had adult things to do (Not like that sickos) and couldn't record till today. I was unable to upload due to Podbean issues but HERE WE ARE BABY! I recorded a PRESHOW and a full episode for your troubles. I completely SHIT on #45 and his supporters so if you down with that CLOWN, you might want to duck. I also go in on PAKISTAN and the very shitty way they treat their women. I cover a small bit of sports with CTE talk and some Kyrie Irving to the Knicks rumors. YES, this episode is a fucking SMACKER (soundtrack provided by the 1990's) Please as always, enjoy responsibly.


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