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Hello and welcome to the Everything Podcast the most NON PC podcast of the PC ERA now streaming on all your favorite podcast services! On this podcast everything is up for discussion from Sports to Pop Culture, gaming and or politics nothing is off topic and nothing is taken too seriously. Please RATE and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this show! Love ya #TePheads 💋


February 5, 2016

This is the home for the EVERYTHING PODCAST on Podbean. This is rebel radio. A typhoon of opinion. A fallen piece of fruit off the tree of knowledge. And quite possibly the worlds first podcast about EVERYTHING! 

This Podcast was started with the intention of just getting my voice out there after years of procrastination and failed promises to myself. Years wasted trying to find myself and find my way about knowing I was meant for a little more. Whether it was just being a bummy kid from the BX trying to record every hot song off the radio or buying the latest bootleg tape before anyone else so I could be the first kid on my block to blast that out the window of 1153 Colgate. 

When I was younger I used to record myself and cousins/friends while we played or just generally acted silly and I used to be fascinated by hearing myself on playback, It was a thrill for me to hear myself talking and I find that today it still is. I hope that I can bring some of that excitement to all of you as these shows continue to evolve and grow, join me for the ride.